Audi’s new all-electric concept vehicle

2017-04-18 17:10:34.0   388 views

Audi’s new all-electric concept vehicle, the E-tron Sportback, made its debut at the Shanghai auto show today. And in addition to being super futuristic-looking, it also has some fairly surprising specs.

The E-tron Sportback will have 320 kilowatts of power — though Audi promises a “boost mode” to 370 kW — and can sprint to 62 mph in 4.5 seconds. A 95 kWh battery pack will enable just over 310 miles of range per charge, although that will probably be closer to 275 miles, given that the Germany-based Audi uses the European rating system for electric vehicle range. The automaker says the new electric coupe crossover will hit the market in 2019, about a year after the Quattro E-tron, Audi’s first electric concept which it introduced back in 2015.